Ricky Taylor

Rick Taylor is 46 years young and has been a resident of Ormond Beach Florida for the last 23 years. Through his whole career, he has worked in the senior living industry as a partner to community operators as a supplier of technology.  Rick is the Senior Vice President/Partner of Silversphere which provides senior living communities with solutions to ensure resident safety and provide assurance to the residents' family members. In his spare time, Rick enjoys the outdoors and spends a great deal of his time training to compete in triathlons.  Rick has participated in several century rides, but this will be the first ride to surpass 150 miles total.  Rick has a passion for this ride not only because of the industry connection but because of his desire to make an impact on seniors' lives. He also has a personal connection to the fight against Alzheimer's as his grandmother lived with the disease long before there was any information on it. He is always driven to help play a role in eradicating this disease, so no other family will be affected by Alzheimer's, no matter how small of a role he may play.

Together We Will Win!