Chris Guay

I was lucky 20 years ago to get the opportunity to start a career senior Living. Back then I did not realize it would be my calling. Some of my earliest and most impressionable experiences were with older adults who suffered from Alzheimer's. The impact this disease had on the individuals and their families forged an immediate passion in me to make a difference. As life seems to always do my professional experience crossed into my personal life as I watched two grandparents fight and ultimately lose the battle with Alzheimer's. This personal experience changed my perspective drastically as I now found myself being able to sympathize with the residents and families I had the honor of serving. I have committed a large portion of my career and focus on making sure I do everything I can to help educate, support and fight for the millions of people battling Alzheimer's disease. So when Josh called asking me and Vitality Senior Living be part of this amazing event my answer was an easy one to give. 

Together We Will Win!